2017 Submissions

Loituma Partytune House Song

2014 Submissions

2012 Submissions

Gradius NuRadix Video Game Song
Madonna Jump (Riser remix) Dance Song
Kids in America new remix Miscellaneous Song
Corneria. Fox is here! better Video Game Song
Corneria. Fox is coming! Video Game Song
Tomba 1st level :D Video Game Loop
The dark tower Heavy Metal Song
Super mario land. Ruins remake Video Game Loop
Evil Drum's >:) Heavy Metal Loop
Chinatown Deluxe edition Video Game Song
Dj O-H-What i found Remixxx Trance Song
Sunset down-Dj O-H Dance Song
The ketchup game ;D Video Game Song
A snare song :P lol General Rock Loop
Yoshi land happy ending (SMW2) Video Game Song
Dj O-H-Discovered (D0tA alike) Trance Song
Raver's Fantasy O-H deluxe O-H Dance Loop
To Zanarkand 8-bit Video Game Loop
Don't Speak 8-Bit remix Video Game Song
Kids in America (game remix) Video Game Song
happy hardcore loop Dance Loop
daddy deejay 2 Dance Song
madness extreme(mute city) Video Game Song
in da club remake Dj O-H Hip Hop - Olskool Song
What u want! House Song
Teehee valley remake Video Game Song
Chinatown..doh!! General Rock Song
He's a pirate Dj O-H Miscellaneous Song
Mortal Kombat :D Dance Song
Pokemon champion battle Dance Loop
Speedcore meets terrorcore Miscellaneous Loop
The guitar and the piano General Rock Loop
castlevania xtreme Video Game Song
Dr.Mario rock remix General Rock Song
flying javelin DnB Drum N Bass Song
Rebel yell Dance Song
Around The World remix Dj O-H Dance Song
Popcorn remix (more milk) Dance Song
hanging on Dj O-H remix Trance Song
Rainbow at Friday the 13th Heavy Metal Song
pico 1880's :P General Rock Song
bowsers castle remix Dj O-H Video Game Loop
Hey ya Dj O-H and Cerbera Hip Hop - Modern Song
Alone in the dark house Dj O-H Ambient Song
mario 3 underwater crazy theme Video Game Song
Don't Go Dj O-H remix Dance Song
mario 3 lvl 2 Video Game Loop
mario 3 lvl 1 Dj O-H Video Game Loop
move your azz Dj O-H remix Trance Song
Live And Let Die Dj O-H General Rock Song
pokêmon forevva Miscellaneous Song
pacman remix Dj O-H Video Game Loop
mario 64 bowser Video Game Song
kirby-sky Dj O-H Video Game Song
ducktales Dj-O-H and kevinHR Miscellaneous Song